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Roísín Dockry Alexia Dress

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The Dress

The Alexia Dress by Irish designer Roísín Dockrry. 

The Details

The Alexia Dress is the superior little black dress. This dress is from the 'Valoro Mismo' collection that is based around the idea of self love and appreciation. The garments are made to inspire you to put yourself first, rediscover your femininity, your confidence and express yourself. 

  • Black cotton dress
  • Black mesh sleeves (attached to dress)
  • Bow ties at the back
  • Volumious shape 

 The Fit

  • Size UK 8 

The Condition


The Brand

Róisín's collections have always been influenced by her surroundings and personal experiences, with strong references to nostalgic memories. Roísín Dockrys designs are made to order, aiming to reduce the amount of textile waste produced. The designs promote slow fashion as each piece is carefully made with attention to detail and a focus on the long-lasting quality of each garment. Each bespoke piece is hand crafted to be loved and worn mindfully. Lastly, they are empowering. Róisín's pieces have unique statement silhouettes and elegant compositions that inspire confidence and self assurance.

    Care Instructions 

    Cleaning is on us! 


    By sharing this dress you are contributing to a more sustainable fashion future.

    Photos from Roísín Dockry*